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Channel 4 is a British public-service free-to-air television network headquartered in Leeds, United Kingdom. The channel was established to provide a fourth television service to the United Kingdom in addition to the licence-funded BBC One and BBC Two, and the single commercial broadcasting network ITV.

An angry viewer shared in a review "The final two items on your program last night ( Fri ) - item on Marley followed by comments by two black pundits were an absolute disgrace. Channel 4 you call yourselves a news program? Really - not anymore! Recent efforts are so biased and one sided favouring the far left view, really there is no point watching you anymore. You have sadly turned into a left wing propaganda machine of which paradoxically Goebells would be proud of. The aforementioned items last night bordered on incitement to violence and as such I will be raising a complaint with OFCOM first thing Monday morning. I also intend taking up this matter with my MP. This I have never considered doing before but your despicable efforts tonight was the straw that broke the camel's back. I wonder if you realize just how many good and decent members of the indigenous population you offended tonight, or don't you really care. All Channel 4 producer's and presenters should be ashamed of themselves. Broadcasters of integrity you are no longer - and that is so sad!"


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Channel 4 full-time for more than 3 years Cons: The most atrocious CEO. Exclusionary, bullying, and disingenuous about diversity"

Former Employee - Specialist says

"I worked at Channel 4 full-time for more than a year Cons: Back stabbing is rife from the top to the bottom. Gossiping is a standard practice there. Mismanagement . Many talented people have left Discrimination of minority groups. Swearing is overlooked Cronyism, if you are not part of the group forget it Poor HR , even the managers criticise HR"

Former Employee - Data Scientist says

"I worked at Channel 4 full-time for more than a year Cons: Extremely unprofessional and unpleasant behavior by a senior member of staff there. This includes, - Swearing - Bullying - Public shaming - Name-calling - Inappropriate comments HR is non-functioning. Multiple complaints have been ignored. The data strategy is vague and misguided. Lots of focus on buzzwords, with little understanding of technology, data, or strategy. Career progress is limited, and pay is below average for the industry."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Channel 4 full-time for less than a year Cons: There was an inconsistent approach towards work/ processes and their systems were not great. This made it difficult to deliver work at a consistence pace and standard and allowed room for technical errors. The HR team were not very good, they made mistakes with my pay and they never rectified this despite being told about it. There was a lack of support from middle management and senior managers were not that approachable. Also in the first few weeks of employment the structure of my supervision changed and was almost non-existent at one point, this was like a set up for failure. A new manager was hired but they had no experience or people skills and brought negative dynamics to the team."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Channel 4 full-time Cons: Very much a male dominated office, promotions are based on favouritism and who yells the loudest. Many dodgy things happening under the radar so if you are easily offended or believe in a PC work environment this is not the department for you, although some may see this as a pro."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Channel 4 full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Zero growth opportunities. Far too much outsourcing. Clueless senior management."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Channel 4 full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Chaotic, last minute management decisions"

Former Employee - He Assistant says

"I worked at Channel 4 full-time for more than 5 years Cons: A bad culture of mistrust, and classism/racism"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Channel 4 full-time Cons: All of the pros are now obsolete. They outsourced 4oD to Accenture using the 'cheap as chips' model with resources in Latvia. They handled the outsourcing very badly and us C4 permanent employees were on the losing end. If you are considering an IT job at C4, I suggest that you look elsewhere unless you ultimately want a job with Accenture or to move to Riga."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Channel 4 full-time for more than a year Cons: Lots of politics Backstabbing and cliques People regularly managed out of the businesses for unapparent reasons Shame because it should be a better place to work than ITV but it isn’t"

Philip Lund says

"Channel 4 catch up is rubbish tried to watch ep 1 great pottery throw down Gave up in the end Why cant ch4 get it right !!!!!"

exraflad says

"A two minute preview with an advert (40 secs) at start, come on 4 be serious, bet very few people watch them, let alone buy anything based on an add on catch up. You are so greedy"

Rachel says

"Freezes and crashes all the time in All4 player on the PS3 (2021). The only app to do this. Reviews of Channel 4's catch up player are dreadful. It seems this is standard performance. Don't they want you to watch it?"

Steve Blood says

"You say the hospitals are overcrowded with covid patients you're full of crap Orange county that's wide open what a bunch of bull. Your newsman are not newsmen get off their lazy ass and go to the hospitals and check it out for yourself. Ship patients up to northern California give me a break. You can ship them 30 minutes down to Orange county cuz there's all kinds of room. Quit playing along with this virus hoax my landlord was in the hospital and he checked himself out there are all kinds of room you guys don't have your s*** in order. At best 1out of a hundred people die from the virus more people die falling off ladders! 800,000 die from the flu every year we are at 300,000 and ruined the world economy over this overblown hoax or MINOR ailment from China the disease capital of the world! So many people had it and now over it and never knew they had it. Now even a common cold can't say that!!!!"

Nick Spratt says

"Whoever commissioned the series Sarah Beeny A New Life In The Counntry needs to take a serious look at the direction Channel 4 are heading. Surely a spoof, no one can be as arrogant as this couple. Wow!!"

Jasper j says

"shut this channel down and sell it off. taking the p@#s out of our majesty the queen. lowest of the lowest, no respect for anyone. please boris sell this publicy owned channel off , and let the staff try to get a job somewhere else."

TiptreeJam says

"Sadly Channel 4 has lost its way. Publicly owned but funded through advertising. So it has a statutory remit to deliver high-quality, innovative, alternative content. The onus here is alternative rather than high quality or innovative. A case in point is the embarrassing alternative Queens speech. Just when the country is trying to come together CH4 sees fit to lampoon the queen and what she stands for. It says it all about the morals of those in charge at CH4. If it is publicly owned then perhaps the government can do us all a favour and close it down."

SAS says

"Disgusting TV channel. After broadcasting Leaving Neverland - one of the most unfair, incompetent and embarrassing pieces of journalism I have ever seen - I have lost all trust and respect for Channel 4. Now avoid watching this channel altogether."

Mathew Noakes says

"If I wanted to sit through this many ads I would just watch normal tv! Disgusting service and the content restarts to the beginning as well terrible!"

Jessica Mahoney says

"Too many adverts drives me insane 10 mins of a show then at least 4 mins worth of adverts, imagine that through an hour show"

Mr Orlando C says

"Dreadful. Crashes and you have to start again, ads included!! God forbid to can't watch whatever you want in one go... Yep you got it back to square one!!!"

Christopher Allen says

"far to many ads"

matt young says

"terrible propagandist outlet, not sure whom they're appealing to but its not the majority if Britain"

Mary says

"I've used the following stream services BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Crunchyroll, Funimation, Disney+, and I can safely say the advert that plays on Channel4s streaming service about it being the best streaming service in the UK is a blatant lie. There are usually 4 sets of ads, ranging from a minute to 4 minutes each. Some of the ads I found difficult to watch, but mostly it was so interrupting, and often the subtitles would reset, not work or be inaccurate. The only good thing or redeemable was the content, however, at some point if they don't step up, I would just not bother with it any more. Too many streaming services will give way to people illegally downloading TV series and shows again"

Mr Jon Mclean says

"Where to start with this, the fact that channel 4 in this day and age can provide a service so bad is really to be applauded. The frustrating user experience of being forced to sit through endless adverts only for it to constantly crash and then after restarting you’ve guessed it made to sit through the same adverts again is akin to torture. Read all the reviews online there is a major problem with the app crashing on a variety of different platforms usually after adverts. The entire IT team should be sacked and the app rebuilt from scratch. Even if you get past that you can have the joy of watching the second half of your programme with the buffering symbol displayed slap bang in the middle of the screen even though it’s playing fine. Seriously a bunch of kids on work experience would likely come up with something better than this and infinitely more useable. Best of luck everyone else as I’m done with it for good, I would rather miss the programme entirely than have to use this disaster of a service."

Kevin says

"Been using this app on my Samsung TV for the past few months and wow.... it is really bad! First, off it crashes my TV whenever the ads play - I got to say it is very hit and miss when it happens, one minute it will crash it halfway through a program, sometimes I can watch a few programs with ads before it crashes and forces me to switch my TV off at the wall, then it's another 3 minutes before I can use the app again, then guess what, it crashes again when the program hits another set of ads! It's like some days it's really bad but other days it works fine. But mostly it's pretty bad! I've changed the DNS on the TV via the help from Samsung only to find it's a problem with the app itself. Then you have the repeated ads that are so annoying that I have to mute them. Overall this has to be the worse catch up TV app ever made!"

Michael Woodford says

"I really like Channel 4 but the All4 app blows. Why download something that requires you to watch a multitude of adverts?"

Caoimhe says

"Ok selection of shows. High volume of ads. about 12 mins per show. Crashes if playing for a while"

Jamie Jay Wood says

"The heavily promoted 'advert free' premium product for their streaming service has just as many adverts as the free version."

Sam says

"Can't believe some programs which air but some are great"

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